About The Hosts

Benny Goodman is a producer and multi-instrumentalist, famously known for making coffee nervous. Further, it is rumored that the Guinness Book of World Records is currently investigating reports that he is the only known person where walls bounce off of "him". Without help from his co-hosts, Ben would likely have been sent to away in a hot air balloon designed by the Wizard of Oz himself. In addition to hosting 2020'd, Benny is also the host of the YouTube series The Neurotic Guitarist and the mastermind behind the band Lost Symphony.

Just a warning to the wise, should you encounter a wild Benny on the streets, be very careful.  Do not approach him without at least two tasers and a very large cat, as even professional animal handlers have never tamed a wild Benny. Consider yourself warned!

Siobhán Cronin is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Siobhán brings a wealth of experience, two master's degrees, and a disarmingly calm demeanor to the Podcast. In addition to contributing her violin, viola, and piano talents to Lost Symphony, she is also the touring violinist for the band Starset. Siobhán has worked with artists such as The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Earth Wind & Fire, Ricky Martin, Disturbed, Katharine McPhee, Sarah McLachlan, Rod Stewart, and Il Volo.

Siobhán's curiosity and eagerness to understand people's unique journeys leads to candid and substantive discussions on the mindset and motivation of people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of their passion. She helps create conversations that highlight different perspectives while extracting bits of wisdom from them.  So, if you accidentally learn anything from 2020'd, you know who to blame!

Cory Paza is also a producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to being a host for 2020'd, Cory also does all the editing and post-production for both 2020'd and Lost Symphony. Plus, he is one of the only people to successfully tell Benny to shut up — something the world will come to appreciate him for in time.

Much like the year 2020 itself, the show is anything but predictable. Acting as a tether to reality, Cory is always standing by to pull the conversation back from the brink of insanity, analyze what got us there, and (hopefully) find the thread that ties it all together. 

This delicate balance of skill, energy, and creativity brings a breath of fresh air to the already crowded podcast marketplace. The world may have gotten 2020'd, but these three are going to be sure not to let it get the best of them or their guest.