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Ep 179: Rob Graves [Pt. 2]: Developing Starset's Sound

"There's the initial creation moment, where you really want to be out of your head as much as possible. You don't want to be thinking. You want to guide whatever is happening"

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Ep 178: Rob Graves [Pt. 1]: Starset and Red Producer on Developing a Modern Sound

"For me, I guess I've always been pretty focused on what I like. And then if I like it, I assume that there have to be other people that are probably gonna like it"

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Ep 177: Kelly Kereliuk: Soloing Between Marty Friedman and Nuno Bettencourt

"It's awareness and intent. A lot of players, they're aware that something is wrong, but their awareness is not tweaked to the point where they can tell what is wrong"

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Ep 176: Satchel: Steel Panther Is More than Just D*ck Jokes

"I'll keep doing shows as long as there's enough people that show up that we can make a living doing it... I'm in it to win it I'll keep going, and even if Metallica asks me to join there band I'm gonna say no. Unless it's a f*cking shit ton of money and then I'm out."

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Ep 175: Zuzana [Pt. 2]: The Most Unique Recording Session

"I hope I can play Cello until I die... The question is if I'm comfortable with my lifestyle and everything, I don't have to worry about 'oh I have to take all these gigs'. I can literally do whatever I want. I can play for my own enjoyment."

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Ep 174: Zuzana [Pt. 1]: The Challenges of Playing Strings in Starset

"When I moved to Vegas it took me about 6 months to "get in" becuase no body knows who you are. So I basically sent out audition tapes and knocked on doors... I started to be called as a sub with pops strings... And then there was an opening and I basically got in"

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