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Ep 142: Keith Wallen [Pt. 1]: I Wanna Be an Escape from the Negativity

"I don't want to be an old man filled with regret... and think back and be like why didn't I write more songs, why didn't I play more shows, why didn't I get out there while I could"

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Ep 141: Brock Richards: STARSET Tour Update

"Support tours, I call them vacation tours because your set is shorter, you're done earlier, you can hang out way more... It's just a lot more laid back"

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Ep 140: Corey Lowery [Pt. 2]: I'm Gonna Make Something Happen, Period

"Pantera gave us everything, all lights, they had an entire PA system... It was the loudest you could ever be on stage"

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Ep 139: Corey Lowery [Pt. 1]: Rock without the Rebellion Is Just Notes

"When you're stuck at your house and you can't go out and have that release and sing as loud as you want I think it has a weird effect on people"

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Ep 138: Paul Lourenco [Pt. 2]: You Don't Need to Snap It to the Grid, You Need to Go Practice

"I just hate canned drum beats, canned drum beats offend me"

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Ep 137: Paul Lourenco [Pt. 1]: The Organized Chaos of Lost Symphony

"[writing with Lost Symphony] I mean it's just an interesting way to approach everything, you have this song that is very laid out as far as the structure and then I come in and just start throwing shit up on the walls... and then everyone builds on top of that"

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