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Ep 166: Brock Richards: The First Thing I Do After a Starset Tour

"I would just say once the audio is in the computer, there is nothing you can't do in the computer... On the way into the computer is where the money needs to be spent... If you want outboard gear or like fancy pre-amps and microphones, that's where you spend the money"

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Ep 165: Steve Stevens: My Number One Job Working with Billy Idol

"Songwriting is very similar to watching a film, because they build in peaks and valleys... It's like a chrous and a verse, I see things very similarly."

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Ep. 164: Ron DeChant [Pt. 2]: Refining the Starset Trajectory

"...I would encourge any aspiring or unisgned artist to realize that you have litereally the world at your fingertips. Just read and pay close attention to what people may put on your desk in terms of signing it, and know that most of this can be done yourself.."

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Ep 163: Ron DeChant [Pt. 1]: It's Been 10 Years and We're Just Getting Started

"On these [tours]... The girls really shine... The strings are so powerful on acoustic, and with Cory's addition again, like the three of them can almost do it just by that..."

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Ep 162: Bob St. John [Pt. 2]: The Mixing Mercenary

"Something happens when people stare at each other and play, it's a certain synergy."

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Ep 161: Bob St. John [Pt. 1]: Use the Technology, but Don't Let the Technology Use You

"When I teach youngins how to do this I tell them knowing how to operate this crap, that.. is like being a taxicab driver, you need to know where the brake and the accelerator and steering wheel are...But when it comes to dealing with musicians it's a special skill, that's what engineers get hired for."

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