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Ep 150: Richard Shaw [ Pt. 2]: I Am OBSESSED with Songwriting

"I was taught [scales] almost how like how a pianist learns a scale. Here's one octave, there you go now repeat it in another octave. Why arent guitar players taught like that?"

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Ep 149: Richard Shaw [Pt. 1]: I Never Made a Living Off of Cradle of Filth

"I'm happiest when I'm doing two things... I'm either spending time with my family, or i'm doing something with music"

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Ep 148: Kishi Bashi: Getting Away from Toxic Masculinity in Music

"It took me a lot to come down from mount testoterone and toxic masculinity in music... To be able to embrace that I want to make beautiful music... Once I started doing that it opened a lot of doors.

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Ep 147: Jim Wysocki [Pt. 2]: Les Paul vs. Eddie Van Halen

"Les puts on the wolfgang guitar and say turn that amp up... Les takes the high e, bends it up and the sustain is just ringing. One note for just 10-15 seconds. All of a sudden Eddie grabs the neck of he guitar and says 'I get it... Les'"

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Ep 146: Jim Wysocki [ Pt. 1]: The Deal I Made with Les Paul

"Les I got an Idea... When your time comes and you go to the heavens, Joe and I will take everything you gave us and we'll travel around the country. We'll let people see, touch, and play your things, and we'll tell your legacy to everybody... He looked and me took his glasses off and said that's a deal"

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Ep 145: Steve Wood [Pt. 2]: Breaking a Band in 2022

"It's come down to TikTok which is like 30 seconds... So if you can't plead your case in that time it's kind of tough"

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