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Ep 89: Mikey Doling w/ GUEST HOST Shannon Larkin: The Strippers Would Buy Us Groceries

"When I first started doing this shit, most drummers just sat and played like drummers are meant to be heard, not seen, or whatever. And, you know, I was a little punk and I was like ‘Fuck you, I wanna be Angus Young on the drums’.”

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Ep 88: Mikey Doling w/ GUEST HOST Shannon Larkin: Meth Isn’t the Drug for Me

"When I hear [Angel's Son] I still get teared up, because that's for Lynn, man. Every note we wrote for 'Strait Up' was just excruciating.""

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Ep 87: Ryan Roxie: Ego F*ckery

"I think every project that you do leads you to your next band or your next project. When I do clinics or when I go out and do any sort of events where I'm talking about it I say 'Hey, look next to you, the band members that you are with, and be cool to them'"

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Ep 86: Ryan Roxie: Seeing an Alice Cooper Show Is a Generational Right-of-Passage

"I think the reason why people are gravitating back to records is for two things... Musicians have finally realized a small way to take back and make some income out of music, and something tangable is something a real fan of your ban will actually have
and appreciate"

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Ep 85: Maria Ferrero: You Want to Change What People Think of You? Change What You're Doing

 “I was that suburban kid reading [music] magazines… It meant a lot to me to read about my artists, and now I'm on the other side. I get to push the artist to be represented in the magazine.I care about the artist. I care about the fans… I’m a fan.”

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Ep 84: Maria Ferrero: Buy Me a One-Way Ticket to Hollywood

"Sweet woman that was a big influence on my life, Megaforce's Marsha Zazula... I met her when I was 15, and she taught me everything about being a strong women, being bold, how to fucking headbang and not give a fuck what anyone thinks you look like"

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About 2020'd

So, you had big plans for this year, huh? Well my friend, you got 2020'd! Fortunately for you, so did everyone else, including Benny, Siobhán, and Cory from the band Lost Symphony.  But instead of binge-watching countless Netflix shows, this creative three-ring circus with boundless energy decided to create a Podcast to provide a vehicle for their pent-up creativity.  

This modern-day triumvirate called up some of their most interesting and successful friends, including recording artists, touring musicians, music industry experts, TV personalities, even a billionaire, and asked these friends to give us their take on current events as well as to share some of their wildest entertainment memories. The result is a series of no-holds-barred discussions chocked-full with insider information.  2020'd explores the various paths that lead their highly successful guests to their unique lifestyles and prominence in the entertainment industry. Paramount in the podcasts is a healthy serving of rock n' roll war stories that give you a peek behind-the-curtain of the entertainment industry.

As a team, Benny, Siobhán, and Cory connect with their guests on an intellectual and emotional level covering a wide range of topics resulting in a hilarious and informative discussions. The Podcasts are a full-tilt ride providing an edgy and immersive full-on belly laugh experience. While available online for listening and watching at any time, new one-hour Podcasts are dropped twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9:00 PM (ET).  So, lay back, relax, recline and fall right through the cracks — grab a whiskey, beer, joint, or whatever your poison, and get 2020'd with us!

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