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Hiatus Announcement

2020'd will be on a temporary hiatus while we work on new Lost Symphony music. During the break, we will continue to share some of our favorite conversations that we have had over the past few years and chat with you here or in the youtube comments. We look forward to talking with even more interesting and entertaining guests in the near future. Be sure to let us know who you'd like to see on the show!
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Benny, Cory & Siobhán

Ep 182: Joey Concepcion: Filling in with Arch Enemy in Front of 50K People

"I wanted to make an album and be a part of that djenty really modern metal thing, but then also I don't know where to fit in because I don't want to be a robotic guitar player. I want to have a unique style."

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Ep 181: John Phillips: Tour Managing Breaking Benjamin, Starset, Snoop Dogg and Ice-T

"The ones that are viewed as the ultimate rockstars, the ones that change things have a sense of danger to them... Some music is meant to be dangerous"

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Ep 180: Abigail Posner: Is Google ACTUALLY Watching Us?

"I think a fundamental need for all of us... Is to connect... It seems obvious right?... It's so fricking fundamental and I feel like in our culture we forget about how important that is that we as a species cannot do it alone"

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Ep 179: Rob Graves [Pt. 2]: Developing Starset's Sound

"There's the initial creation moment, where you really want to be out of your head as much as possible. You don't want to be thinking. You want to guide whatever is happening"

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Ep 178: Rob Graves [Pt. 1]: Starset and Red Producer on Developing a Modern Sound

"For me, I guess I've always been pretty focused on what I like. And then if I like it, I assume that there have to be other people that are probably gonna like it"

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