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Ep 60: Paul Haber: One Slip-up and We're Sued

“It takes a lot of work to make one of our stories happen because we’re dealing with sometimes very delicate matters, victims, a lot of legal issues… that, you know, one slip-up and we’re sued.”

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Ep 59: Paul Haber: They Didn't Think I Was Going to Survive the Night

"They told my family ‘You need to drive from Toronto to Pennsylvania and get here fast because Paul’s not going to survive the night’... but I did.”

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Ep 58: Doc Coyle: Don't Wait for Permission

“It’s important to reconfigure how we understand ‘failure’. [...] That’s where all the interesting stuff is. When it doesn’t work out, that’s where all the wisdom is.”

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Ep 57: Doc Coyle: Making a Fresh Start at 34

“To me, writing is just a way of distilling concentrated thinking and thought in a way that is cohesive and organized.”

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Ep 56: David Ellefson: Learn to Swim with the Sharks

"I remember when I was in rehab and they said 'David, there's only one thing you have to change... and that's everything'."

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Ep 55: David Ellefson: Play Fewer Notes, Make More Money

“You gotta start learning to say ‘yes’ to everything. Sometimes you’ll get overbooked, a good problem to have, but it’s better than being underbooked. So that’s what happend, you know? Coffee, books, play some bass once in a while.. do some podcasts.. you say ‘yes’ that’s what you do.”

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