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Ep 155: Sammy Ash [Pt. 2]: We're Not Interested in World Domination Unless it Falls in Our Lap

"Roland had come out with this new keyboard 15 years ago... They brought one to us on 48th street and they put it in our front window... Stevie Wonder found out we had one and he came in and the next thing you know he's playing, and the next things you know 48th street shut down"

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Ep 154: Sammy Ash [Pt. 1]: The Beatles Changed the Industry Overnight

"Actually it was my grandmother who thought running a music store would be great. So they had a music store downstairs, they lived upstairs. They were open from 9 until someone went to sleep"

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Ep 153: David Ellefson: Dave Mustaine is Fighting with Himself (The Truth About Being in Megadeth)

"I think part of it too...[Dave Mustaine] he's obviously not gotten over this about being fired from Metallica so he wanted to do to someone else what they did to him"

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Ep 152: Dave Fortman [Pt. 2]: Detailing the Production of Evanescence

"My literal favorite band in the world at this moment in time is Polyphia... By a mile... I think that Tim Henson may be the greatest guitar player that we've ever seen on planet Earth"

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Ep 151: Dave Fortman [Pt. 1]: How to Produce a Multi-Platinum Selling Record

"There's only so much you can do to make the perfect audio recording before you start to realize the thing that makes sucessful producers is not that...It's a matter of changing peoples lives"

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Ep 150: Richard Shaw [ Pt. 2]: I Am OBSESSED with Songwriting

"I was taught [scales] almost like how a pianist learns a scale. Here's one octave, there you go now repeat it in another octave. Why arent guitar players taught like that?"

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