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Ep 138: Paul Lourenco [Pt. 2]: You Don't Need to Snap It to the Grid, You Need to Go Practice

"I just hate canned drum beats, canned drum beats offend me"

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Ep 137: Paul Lourenco [Pt. 1]: The Organized Chaos of Lost Symphony

"I mean it's just an interesting way to approach everything, you have this song that is very laid out as far tas the structure and then I come in and just start throwing shit up on the walls... and then everyone builds on top of that"

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Ep 136: Joel Hoekstra: The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

"I decided to give it a whirl again and started teaching 30 students a week... To me that was something that really helped me through the last couple years... I don't know now if it's something I'm ever really gonna let go, because I view it as something constructive"

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Ep 135: Chris Caffery [Pt. 2]: I Miss the Chaos

"I think I always really wanted to be a singer... I liked singing but everybody thought I sucked... and I started thinking well singings got to be something you have or you don't have... I finished the music man song for the very first time and I cired... Because I finally got to do what I really always wanted to do"

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Ep 134: Chris Caffery [Pt. 1]: I Opened for Metallica Then Went to High School the Next Day

"We opened for Metallica when I was in highschool, the funniest thing about that was... Metallica needed somewhere to stay and my Mother wouldn't let Metallica stay in the house"

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Ep 133: Gary Holt [Pt. 2]: There’s Only Exodus, and a Bunch of F*cking Pretenders

"People have always considered us the founding fathers [of thrash metal] but that's not good enough for me to be known as one of the guys that started, I wanna be one of the fuckers that finished it"

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