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Ep 107: Jim Foster: Who Cares If You Suck As Long As You Look Cool Doing It?

"I've been paid to delete a video... They paid me a thousand dollars to make sure I put it in the bin and hit delete"

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Ep 106: Jim Foster: Every Minute Matters

"Video sucks without audio, but video is more fun with the right audio, and I always tend to have the right audio"

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Ep 105: Amit Sharma: I Hope You're F*cking Listening!

"One of the random things I got was Game Of Thrones... They called me at 11 O'clock at night asking me if I was in Dublin or Belfast... and by the next morning I had already booked a flight"

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Ep 104: Amit Sharma: I Eat Scales for Breakfast

"I think the best musicians, and this is me speaking personally... are the ones that are total control freaks"

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Ep 103: Doc Coyle: Addicted to Being Wrong

 "I'm kind of addicted to being wrong... Because when you're wrong you learn something. When I was younger; 24, or 25 or something, you have a very definitive view of the world. And then when you start to realize you're wrong about things... you go ohh okay"

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Ep 102: Doc Coyle: I Will Never Let the Music Industry Hold Me Hostage

"I have nightmares about the music business all the time, so I'll always hold that in my back pocket that I will never let the music industry hold me hostage"

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