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Ep 89: Mikey Doling w/ GUEST HOST Shannon Larkin: The Strippers Would Buy Us Groceries

"When I first started doing this shit, most drummers just sat and played like drummers are meant to be heard, not seen, or whatever. And, you know, I was a little punk and I was like ‘Fuck you, I wanna be Angus Young on the drums’.”

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Ep 88: Mikey Doling w/ GUEST HOST Shannon Larkin: Meth Isn’t the Drug for Me

"When I hear [Angel's Son] I still get teared up, because that's for Lynn, man. Every note we wrote for 'Strait Up' was just excruciating.""

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Ep 87: Ryan Roxie: Ego F*ckery

"I think every project that you do leads you to your next band or your next project. When I do clinics or when I go out and do any sort of events where I'm talking about it I say 'Hey, look next to you, the band members that you are with, and be cool to them'"

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Ep 86: Ryan Roxie: Seeing an Alice Cooper Show Is a Generational Right-of-Passage

"I think the reason why people are gravitating back to records is for two things... Musicians have finally realized a small way to take back and make some income out of music, and something tangable is something a real fan of your ban will actually have
and appreciate"

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Ep 85: Maria Ferrero: You Want to Change What People Think of You? Change What You're Doing

 “I was that suburban kid reading [music] magazines… It meant a lot to me to read about my artists, and now I'm on the other side. I get to push the artist to be represented in the magazine.I care about the artist. I care about the fans… I’m a fan.”

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Ep 84: Maria Ferrero: Buy Me a One-Way Ticket to Hollywood

"Sweet woman that was a big influence on my life, Megaforce's Marsha Zazula... I met her when I was 15, and she taught me everything about being a strong women, being bold, how to fucking headbang and not give a fuck what anyone thinks you look like"

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