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Ep 172: David Abbruzzese [Pt. 1]: I Would Play with Pearl Jam Again for Free

"Yeah and that's when everyone was like Yay Pro Tools you know we can fix it, and we can copy and paste it and that's how it was being used at the time and I just explained that it was going to ruin rock and roll because it's going to take away that that third verse or that third chorus cohesion and energy... And the guy was going huh that's very interesting you know... when I realized that it was the president of Pro Tools..."

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Ep 171: Richard Shaw [Pt. 2]: Writing for Cradle of Filth Felt Like a Job

"Let's think about stadium filling bands in the 70s. What was their monitoring system like? They certainly didn't have in-ears... Look at Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden and tell me Robert Plant needed in-ears... He was just good at what he did."

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Ep 170: Richard Shaw [Pt. 1]: I May Have Been TOO Honest...

"This is the thing, I'd rather people try something new and it fails, then play it safe. The problem with Metallica that I think people have is that they try their luck every time."

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Ep 169: Shannon Larkin [Pt. 2]: Writing the New Godsmack Record

"I know when it's a good lyric, and as Benny can tell you I've kept my lyrics since forever... They're like markers in my life... I'll go back like that song optimistic off the last record. That was from maybe 30 years ago"

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Ep 168: Shannon Larkin [Pt. 1]: I Don't Give a F*ck About Fame or Fortune

"I'm so sick of everyone sounding exactly the same, you know? I think that if people heard some of these songs and got them, man they could be on the radio. And that's a dream..."

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Ep 167: 2022 Recap

As the year 2022 comes to a close Benny, Siobhán, and Cory look back at all the incredible guests we had this year and discuss some of their favorite moments and first impressions of the many guests we had on the 2020-d podcast in the year 2022

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